Student Support

Fire Industry Training (FiT) works towards providing relevant and targeted support for students to ensure they are capable of achieving the vocational outcomes of the course. We offer support services that can assist with learning difficulties, personal issues and work life balance.

Unique Student Identifier (USI)

The USI is a National Government account that will contain all of your nationally recognised training records and results. This will assist when you are commencing employment with a new employer or if you are commencing study with a new training organisation.

For more information on what a USI is visit the Australian Government USI site. Here you can also obtain STEPS to prepare and create your USI, or if you’re ready now CREATE your USI; or maybe you’re unsure if you have a USI already so you can FIND my USI.

FiT require you to provide your USI number on enrolment.

Support with your studies

We understand that some students may not be confident with their study, which is why FiT has access to a range of experts who can assist you with studies and help you better prepare for assessment. Whether you need assistance in maths, writing skills or English language support, or you need support with how to get the most out of your time when studying, our experts are here to help.


FiT has dedicated administration and training teams, who are able to support and assist you with accessing any of the mentioned support services. You are able to make contact with the administration team through the Contact page.

Disability support

FiT aims to create an inclusive learning environment. If you have a disability or medical condition that may impact upon your studies, we encourage you to let any one of our staff or Training Manager know. We will explore options for support and assistance to ensure a positive training experience during your time at FiT

Counselling, health and wellbeing advice

FiT can assist students by directing them to professional services designed to assist you in your personal, academic or social lives. These experts are qualified to help you with different aspects of physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing. 


As a student at FiT, you will be required to access our eLearning (our specifically developed site is titled ‘eFiT’) and to use current technology to research and collect information. If you are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with these aspects of your study, please let your Trainer or Training Manager know.

Support for eLearning is available 7am – 4pm weekdays via phone and after hours a telephone or email message can be left, where we will assist you the next working day.


We understand you may have concerns or complaints from time to time. You are encouraged to find out more about the complaint resolution process, including suggestions for resolving the problem, before making an official complaint.

Please speak to any one of our Trainers or Training Manager if you intend to make a formal complaint and we will work with you to resolve your concerns and improve the training experience.


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